Pianist | Composer

                            "Stephan Noel Lang (...) draws on a variety of sources, ranging from Baroque to Soul, Latin and Afro-Cuban music and Tango-Nuevo. With his trio (...) he combines these influences into an independent, highly creative and very melodic style."- Jazz Podium

"In the pieces of the Berlin pianist (. . . ) influences of soul jazz of the 60s, Latin American music and even traces of free improvisation reverberate - and yet it remains independent music." - Jazz Thing

"Work in Progress"

Mein neues Trioprogramm hat inzwischen zahlreiche Updates und Ergänzungen bekommen, ich freue mich auf zwei kostenlose Openair-Konzerte, am 22.8. um 17:30h in Berlin-Marzahn (Marzahner Promenade 31) und am 24.8. um 19h in  Berlin-Pankow (Danziger Str. 101) . Mit von der Partie Sven Hinse (bs) und Jan Zimmermann (dr). Kommt zuhauf!
🇬🇧 My new trio programme has meanwhile received numerous updates and additions, I am looking forward to two open air concerts for free, on 22.8. at 17:30h in Berlin-Marzahn (Marzahner Promenade 31) and on 24.8. at 19h in Berlin-Pankow (Danziger Str. 101) . With Sven Hinse (bs) and Jan Zimmermann (dr). Come in droves!